MAY 18th 6-9pm Following Taste of PA

Brew Kids on the Block is the freshest way to meet some of the newest brewers in PA. Some you know, some you don't, all have the right stuff and less than 5 years on the scene.

Don't expect to see 30 breweries here. It's not about that. It's about giving fewer breweries more action and more recognition for the work they do. Expect a deeper portfolio and more time to engage. Here's a look at who we have.

Here's a look at who came out in 2018.




Aldus Brewing

Aldus Brewing Company - Hanover

Tucked away on the outskirts of the city, you'll find a good selection of beer and pretty hip copper bar.


Boneshire - Carlisle

The phoenix rises and we get a brewery making beer you can't forget.

Brewery at Hershey

The Brewery At Hershey - Hershey

A brewery and a winery all in one place. Check them out for some great events as well.

Collusion Tap Works

Collusion tap Works - York

Manogmorphus. What else is there to say?

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Brewing - York

Beer Zoltar would be proud of. If you can't see these guys are going somewhere you need a new crystal ball.

Desparate Times

Desparate Times Brewing - Carlisle

Channeling the inner prohibition brewmasters and drinkers, these guys are making sure our cups don't run dry.

Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey - Canada

Flying in all the way from Canada. If you haven't tried their stuff, get it.

Gift Horse

Gift Horse Brewing - York

A rising star, current holder of the BKOTB People's Choice AND Brewer's Choice awards. Make friends now while you have the chance!


Manchild - Dover

Crazy crazy people...just you wait.


Meduseld - Lancaster

You every have mead? You ever have good mead? If not, now's your chance.


Mexitaly - York

A new brewpub in the York area with spectacular pizza.

The Millworks

The Millworks - Harrisburg

An all in one package: Art, Food, Beer. Get there!

Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher Brewing Company - Carlisle

A small Craft brewery nestled in Carlisle doin their thing and doin it well.

Rusty Rail

Rusty Rail - Mifflinburg

A hell of a good looking place in the middle of the wilds. Go check it out.

Spring Gate

Spring Gate - Harrisburg

A winery AND a brewery all in one spot. Check out their events.

State of Mind

State of Mind - Dover

Dover..ish. They are still making it work.

Tattered Flag

Tattered Flag - Middletown

A good set of guys with a good set of values.


Wyndridge Farms - Dallastown

Back in the fold while the clock allows. Wyndridge is bringing some good stuff.