AUG 6th 2023 at GIFT HORSE BREWING, york

Brew Kids is about the new guys, and also our favorite decade. It's about getting to know the breweries while dodging nerf battles and taking some of the best music of all time into your brain grape. It's about having fun.

Brew Kids on the Block is BACK BABY!!!! Dip your entire being into an 80/90’s festival you may never want to come back from. A heavy load of Homebrewing action coupled with a few friendly and new brewer faces all Hangin’ Tough. Some you know, some you don't...all of em have the right stuff. Expect the chance to vote for people's choice, vip lounge, food trucks, dope-ass music, nerf battles, maybe even a popup arcade...all in the streets and yard of Gift Horse Brewing Company, our winningest Brew Kid of all time, in Downton York, PA.