SEPT 26th 2020 at RUINS HALL, Glen Rock

The FRESHEST way to meet the newest brewers around while doging nerf battles, showing off your fanny pack, and listening to your favorite 90's tunes.

Brew Kids is about the new guys, and also our favorite decade. It's about getting to know the breweries while dodging nerf battles and taking some of the best music of all time into your brain grape. It's about having fun.

These Brewers are FRESH

Most of these brewers debuted in the last 5 years or less. In some cases, you are getting early access to unsigned artists!!! Come out, make friends, and get your autograph books signed before they make it big!

It might be more 90's than you can handle.

That's the only warning we can give. Let's see if anyone can rise to the costume challenge and take home the prize.

We've got full control now

At the new venue, we have full control of all food, music, water...everything. Expect everything to game up. It's still limited to 1000 people, but you won't be standing in lines.